Ask For Janice London coffee

Review: Ask For Janice, Barbican, London

ย I think it kinda goes without saying that we Londoners are partial to a cracking cup of Joe and, like our American cousins, we've started to see Starbucks, Prets and Costas popping up all over the shop throughout the city. So, for me, it's always nice to see a little independent giving the big guns … Continue reading Review: Ask For Janice, Barbican, London

byron burger greenwich london review

Review: Byron, Greenwich, London

Some of my best days have been ones centered around food; you know, the ones where you wake up and your first thought is pancakes, or french toast, or scrambled eggs. The list goes go on... Well Sunday, for me, was one of these days. It was a day I had been looking forward to … Continue reading Review: Byron, Greenwich, London