Just a girl spending her time day-dreaming about all things food. So what makes more sense than to create a little foodie space of the big worldwide web solely dedicated to recipes, reviews, handy cooking hacks and everything in-between!

By no means am I an expert/pro/trained chef… nope, not in the slightest. Simply put, I’m just your average lover of food. You know, the type of person who lives life meal-to-meal, only making it through the day because I know there’s a tasty treat waiting for me at the end of it.

Along the way in my food-fanatic life, I’ll be sharing some of my most-loved dishes, as well as reviewing the best places to eat and drink (predominantly in London, but I’ll also venture back t’up North every so often). Basically, I need to free up some space in my head because, right now, it’s far too cluttered with crazed foodie thoughts…

Bon Appetit, FOF