Ask For Janice London coffee

Review: Ask For Janice, Barbican, London

 I think it kinda goes without saying that we Londoners are partial to a cracking cup of Joe and, like our American cousins, we’ve started to see Starbucks, Prets and Costas popping up all over the shop throughout the city. So, for me, it’s always nice to see a little independent giving the big guns a run for their money. And that’s exactly what quirky yet hip Ask For Janice is doing in absolute bucket loads.

Ask For Janice London latte

Serving up colourful decor and picture-perfect coffee

Nestled in the suit-clad streets of the Barbican area of the city, this effortlessly cool coffee shop-cum-eatery is perfect for business meetings, daytime catch-ups and evening drinks alike. Now, I happen to work in an office just a couple doors down from Ask For Janice meaning that, over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself becoming a much more frequent regular – not that I’m complaining or anything!

The decor is minimal but cool, with eye-catching knick-knacks everywhere you look – I personally love the colourful cutlery jugs on each table, and it’s these little extras that make you feel as if you could be sat in your own home and not diving out of work on a dreary Monday afternoon.

Ask For Janice London tea and coffee

Just look at those Instagrammable lattes – coffee perfection!

So far, I’ve actually only been into Ask For Janice for coffee meetings (always opting for my usual latte of course), but I really don’t have a single bad word to say about this place! The coffee is delicious and service is exceptionally efficient, with free wi-fi on offer making it the perfect place to whack out your oh-so-trendy Macbook and engage in some work chit-chat. Bear in mind though, that there are only a limited number of tables and the place, unsurprisingly, gets packed out at peak times so if there’s a large group of you wanting to sample the Ask For Janice delights it might be worth calling up in advance to reserve a table.

There’s absolutely no doubt that I’ll be going back sometime in the near future to sample their deliciously-looking menu – from brekkie perfection avo on sourdough, to a hearty baked eggs dish, I just know I’ll be spoiled for choice. It’s also definitely worth noting that, in addition to serving up Insta-worthy lunch treats, Ask For Janice is a great little spot for parties and evening get-togethers; our office actually had our 2016 Christmas party here and we were seriously impressed with the drinks selection as well as the festive-themed canapés that were served up on the night!

If you’re in the area, this is definitely one to check out and, at only a short walk from St. Paul’s and 2 minutes from Barbican station, you can hardly call it an inconvenience, can you?

Bon Appetit, FOF


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