Afternoon tea in Cheshire

Review: Latte’Da, Cheshire

Now, I’m always a fan of anywhere that can feed my ever-growing fruit scone addiction so, when my lovely Dad surprised me with a visit to this little gem for my birthday, I instantly knew I was in for a treat! Seriously, my tummy rumbles just at the memory and I’ve recently chowed down on a pretty hefty meal…

Cutely (and very aptly) named, Latte’Da is nestled away in the quaint village of Tarporley (a few miles outside of Nantwich for anyone heading in that direction), and it’s obvious even from the outside looking in that this place is one to remember. The decor is simple and homely, perfectly in keeping with the warm welcome and friendly smiles you receive as you walk through the door. Colourful, floral cake stands and mismatched little knick-knacks adorn every wall, surface and crevice of this cosy eatery – so much so that it almost distracts you from the menu in front of you. Almost, I said.

After browsing their reasonably-priced, wholesome selection of sarnies, light bites and sweet treats, we swiftly opted for the Afternoon Tea For Two. Ok so, I HAVE to mention here that I’m now used to London life, and with London life comes London prices… meaning that, usually, I’d be expecting to pay on average £25-30 per person for a half-decent afternoon tea. Well, what we were treated to at Latte’Da was WAY above half-decent and far more easy-going on the pursestrings! At an absolutely bargain price of £21.99 for both of us (although we did opt for the smoked salmon and cream cheese sarnies for an extra couple of quid), I thought they’d be serving us a soggy snack selection with watered down coffee and a jug of questionable, pongy milk. Trust me, I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Afternoon Tea for Two

Afternoon Tea for Two at Latte’Da, Taporley

The colourful, kitsch cake stand arrived (very, very promptly!) piled high with well-filled sarnies, crisps, cakes, salad, scones, strawberries, fruity jam and clotted cream and, upon tucking in, it was immediately obvious that everything was homemade! The food never seemed to end, and when you wash all of that down with your choice of tea or coffee, you definitely won’t need to eat again for a good few hours! No, really… we actually had to ask for our cakes to be wrapped up to takeaway with us because we were Stuffed with a capital S.

I realise Latte’Da may not be in the most convenient location for a lot of you reading this, but I’m a lover of independent eateries and feel this one really deserves some credit and needs to be praised for its fast, friendly service, mouth-watering menu and (to a Londoner in particular) rock-bottom prices!

As far as hidden gems go, Latte’Da is up there with the best  – and I certainly hope my Dad is prepared for a trip out to Tarporley every time I am back home in the future!

Bon appetit, FOF


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